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Members of the IYLA,

Attached you will find the brackets for the 2018 IYLA Boys tournament.  All teams that paid their full dues are included in this year’s event.  As was explained at the annual scheduling meeting, the IYLA has adopted a slightly different format.  With the assistance of the tracking system on the IYLA website, we are able to split into 3 brackets per age group. The Red bracket is the championship bracket, and awards will be given to the winning teams. (T-shirts and traveling trophy). The Red brackets were seeded based upon a variety of information. Note that the rankings on the IYLA website were NOT the sole determining factor for placement or seeding in the Red bracket.  The White and Blue brackets were not seeded, but are set up to be as competitive as possible, given the information entered onto the IYLA website by all programs.  At this point, the field is set, and we will not entertain requests for changes or appeals. We have 37 games to fit into a strict timeline, so changes will not be allowed.  Please note that the winners of the White and Blue brackets are not given awards.

Please see below the brackets for the tournament this weekend: