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Who can play lacrosse?
Any boy or girl between 2nd-12th grade*
3rd & 4th Grades: Boys (Boy's with gloves and helmet non-contact with stick checking)
5th & 6th Grades Boy's (Boy's with full equipment non-contact with stick checking)
Middle School (7/8) (limited contact)
High School (full contact)

*Girls will need goggles and a stick for all ages.

Do you have to be enrolled at Center Grove to play lacrosse?
Yes, for High School (spring season only).  We allow students from neighboring communities to promote the growth of lacrosse.
(If you are not a Center Grove Schools Corp student, please inquire prior to registering, some restrictions do apply to our teams [spring season only])

When is lacrosse played?
Lacrosse is a spring time sport.
We also have summer leagues, fall ball, and winter leagues camps and clinics.

How much is lacrosse equipment?
For boys expect to pay anywhere from $200-$400. We do order in bulk to save our families money. We order once a year, during our first spring call out meetings.
Girls only need goggles and a stick.

Where can I buy lacrosse equipment?
Indianapolis has one lacrosse store: Empire Lacrosse is located on both the north and south sides of Indianapolis.
We also have several stores on the southside; The Outdoorsman, Play It Again Sports and Dick's Sporting Goods carry lacrosse equipment, but for boys we prefer to go through Empire as they will match competitors, custom order, fit equipment, and string sticks.

Please refer to It is a handy tool when shopping for lacrosse equipment.

What is the equipment requirement?
High School and 5th - 8th boys Players must have a stick, helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, and arm guards/elbow pads. Hockey pads may be substituted, but not hockey helmets.
Girls are required to have stick and goggles.

Center Grove Lacrosse Club boys members must adhere to the following equipment policies:

  • Helmets must be white shell with red visor and red chin piece.
  • Gloves must be either red or black
  • arm guards must be either red or black
  • High School players must buy a team bag to accommodate our travel arrangements.

Recommended helmets
Youth and Middle School:
Cascade CLH2 Helmet

High School and older:
Cascade CPX, Cascade Pro 7

What is the most important part of the equipment?
If you have to spend the most money on any one part of the equipment we strongly recommend spending it on the stick. 5/6 and younger, this is not applicable, however, middle school and high school-aggressive contact is allowed and the stick has to be reliable, durable as it will take abuse. A $30 or $40 stick will only last about 4 or 5 games before it becomes useless. Most mid to high-end sticks will come with a limited warranty.

5th and 6th grade and younger: Jr. stick, beginner stick ($30-$40)

MS and HS intermediate to high end ($90-$225 )

Any shaft other than aluminum is recommended.


  • Warrior Krypto lite, Krypto Series
  • Gait db803 Titanium enhanced
  • Brine Swizzle


Attack/Middie stick heads

  • Warrior Evo or Revo pro
  • STX Proton plus or Proton Power
  • Gait Torque
  • Brine Answer
  • Brine Cyber

Defense Heads

  • Brine Franchise
  • Brine E3/Edge

Face Off Head

  • Warrior Blade
  • Gait Torque
  • STX Proton

It is recommended that all heads be strung with hard mesh.

Do I have to do any maintenance to the stick?
YES! Your stick is your weapon, an extension of your body. Do not leave your stick in a hot car, cold garage, or put any weight and burden on the head.

How do I clean my equipment?
You can wash shoulder pads and arm guards in a delicate cycle.
Helmet can be sprayed with Febreeze or Lysol
Gloves need to be sprayed with Febreeze or Lysol. DO NOT WASH GLOVES, THEY WILL FALL APART.

Wash jerseys and shorts in cold water by themselves and hang to dry. White Jersey and shorts and red jersey and shorts should be washed separate from each other.